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General Rules for using the online store

2.1. The online store can only be used by people who have
age over 18 years.
2.2. People under 18 can only use the online store
with the consent of the parents or legal guardian.
2.3. The customer is considered a consumer, provided that the purpose for ordering the supplies and services cannot be attributed primarily to the commercial or independent professional activities of that party. A merchant is any legal person or individual who acts in the exercise of commercial or independent activities at the conclusion of the contract.
*Please note that we omit the direct targeting of all genders just to make it easier to read, but this text refers to both male and female customers.
2.4. By registering on the site, you give your consent to transfer your personal data. We request your consent to process your data, and without it the online store cannot be used. The type and manner of personal data processing are explained here: Privacy Policy
2.5. To make sure that we have registered your data correctly, we will send you an e-mail after you have registered in the online store, by which we will ask you to verify and confirm the information.
2.6. Products are sold only in quantities suitable for personal use.
2.7. The seller's online store is only a product catalog. By listing the products in the online store, the Seller invites the Customer to make a purchase from the presented products and conclude a sales contract (hereinafter referred to as "Order").
2.8. The contracted language is exclusively Romanian.
Processing of personal data
3.1. The agreement regarding the processing of personal data is voluntary. However, we note that the lack of consent leads to the impossibility of registering on the site and using the online store. All information regarding the processing of personal data is available in the Privacy Policy.
3.2. In some situations we will request your consent in the online store to be able to send you announcements, offers, special discounts. This consent is also voluntary and may be withdrawn at any time. More information is available in the Privacy Policy

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