Briciole di Salute di Monaco Angela Grazia
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Bricole di Salute

Let's work together for a more nutritious diet!

-Food intolerance test

-Personalized diet

-Constant controle 

Personalized Diet

The Food Coaching service consists of the development of a personalized nutritional program based on your goal, your tastes and remote monitoring for 6 months.

The service provides for the preparation of the diet by a Nutritionist Biologist and the related monitoring of the results obtained through a "direct line" with the staff.

THE COMPANY Bricole di Salute

Many start from the principle that diet is the means to achieve their goal, but it is not only this.
The term DIET comes from the Greek and means "lifestyle".
In other words, following the right DIET is not only a problem for those who have to lose weight, but for everyone.
In the vast world of diets, many are tempted to choose those with absurd limitations in both quantity and choice of foods.
At Dieta & Natura, we believe that the wisest choice is to follow a healthy and balanced diet, which educates us on proper nutrition.
But following a diet is not enough. We should have information at our disposal to guide us along the path we have decided to undertake.
Why not start with a nutritional status visit?
You will get to know your body composition, body mass index and your ideal weight.
From today the visit of the nutritional status is at a special price.
Call to make an appointment!
tel. 3347803310